Can we let you in on a little, money-saving secret?

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Can we let you in on a little, money-saving secret?

You don’t have to travel far to have a luxurious holiday. In fact, you don’t have to travel at all.

Our clients, Andrew and Natalie, have long since been privy to this secret, which is why they decided to transform their backyard.

“Natalie and I wanted a lifestyle change. We had a great space to fit a pool and we wanted to make an area where our kids can socialise with their friends…”

Previously a degraded grass area with small limestone borders and a garden bed around the fence line, their outdoor space has been transformed into a stunning, luxurious retreat where they can relax as a family and entertain their guests.

Their striking outdoor space features the Aquila pool with a Nova Spillway Spa.
“The Aquila model was perfect since its shape and size were the best fit. The long step on the edge also allowed us to relax with our 6-year-old while he gains his confidence.”

The close proximity of the spa to the pool also meant that Andrew and Natalie could easily supervise their children while relaxing in the spa.

When asked why they chose the Twilight colour, Andrew said they liked how the deep blue stood out nicely against the limestone surroundings. The colour also made their pool glisten beautifully under the sun.

“It’s perfect because Natalie and the kids love glitter and sparkles.”

To complete their pool area, the family added new limestone borders, limestone steppers, light-up feature balls, an outdoor shower, new fencing and new furniture. They also added a stunning wooden pergola, some lush plants and a water feature to accentuate the areas relaxing tenor and to enhance the “holiday-feel”.

“The transformation has been amazing. We now have the ultimate entertaining area that’s suitable for both the kids and the adults. It has changed how we use our house.”

Like these clients, are you ready to discover happiness in your own backyard?

Buy a Buccaneer pool and take stay-cations to a whole new level.

Curious about what it’s like buying a pool from Buccaneer Pools? Read about Andrew and Natalie’s experience below:

“Buccaneer, I’m shouting your name from the rooftop. James at Joondalup was amazing, your level of professionalism in every communication was outstanding, your employees at every stage were awesome and the customer service we have received from Matt in getting our pool operational is outstanding.”

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