Crystalite ColourGuard

A pool with Crystalite® ColourGuard has exceptional strength and offers superior fade and blister resistance.  Its ability to protect your pool from fading has been proven and tested over the last 30 years.  As a result, every Crystalite® ColourGuard pool includes a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* – a testament to its long standing quality and strength.

Take your pick from the popular Crystalite® ColourGuard colour range for a spectacular shimmering effect.  Coloured and silver chips are evenly distributed throughout the surface, resulting in a dramatic, brilliant finish that sparkles in the sun.

*Conditions apply




Diamond Blue

Hamptons Blue

Silver Mist



Delta Blue


Autumn Grey


Sky Blue

Nordic White


Sandy Bay

Pool ColourGuard Ultra

Pool ColourGuard® Ultra is the world’s only patented surface protection system that guarantees your pool colour will not fade.  It’s like sunscreen for your pool, protecting it from colour loss and weathering. A pool with Pool ColourGuard ®Ultra has a brilliant, high gloss finish with a superior level of gloss retention, which lasts year after year.


Marble Series

The Marble Series realistically captures the natural look and texture of marble and granite, the perfect complement to a modern outdoor design.

Assana Blue

Artesian Mist

Volcanic Ash

Black Coral

Starlight Series

The Starlight Series offers tranquil blues and greens of the seaside, which balance against sandy neutrals to create a cool, laid-back style.



Cosmic Blue


Galaxy Cyber

One of the most advanced gelcoat systems in the world, Galaxy Cyber incorporates Mica Colour Technology. Natural mica minerals are added to the finish, offering a brilliant glitter effect and superior fade resistance.

Prepare to be dazzled by the amazing sparkle of the Galaxy Cyber range of colours, which shimmer by day in the sunlight and twinkle in the pool light at night.

Cyber Night

Cyber Blue

Cyber Sky

Cyber Pearl

Cyber Storm

Cyber Sand

Cyber Green


The Decraflec colour range incorporates the highest quality gelcoat for excellent durability. Only premium grade gelcoats mixed from the highest quality raw materials are used, guaranteeing a better product.

Embedded with large, silver colour flecks, the Decraflec surface finish will add a beautiful shimmer to your pool. The depth of each colour makes your pool dazzle in the sun.

Mediterranean Blue

Pacific Blue

Lagoon Blue

Indigo Snow

*Conditions apply – Correct pool chemistry must be maintained as according to your pool owner’s manual and AS 3633