Measure the total space that you have for your pool including the area around the swimming pool up to the boundary and where fencing will be installed.

This will help the Sales Consultant show you the best sized pool for your area, leaving room for walk-ways and gardens around the pool.

What direction does the sun travel over your area and where does the wind come from?

The orientation of your pool to the house and boundary fences will play a big part in how much natural heating of the water will occur through the sun. Sometimes boundary fences and the shade from a house is unavoidable but where possible try and maximise the amount of sunlight on the pool in the morning and if possible look to provide afternoon shade. More often than not when you are using your pool the two breezes that we have in Perth will be a south-westerly sea-breeze or hot easterly breeze. The position of the skimmer box and jets can be modified most of the time to work with the breeze and keep your pool cleaner and sparkling. We can help you design an efficient system for your local environment.

Create gardens and greenery around the pool area.

Some of the fencing regulations do not allow for plants that can be climbable close to boundary and pool fencing but that does not mean that your pool area should be all paving and pool. Look for creative ways to include garden beds and plants into the pool area to soften the design. Remember to choose plants with a root system that is not too invasive and are of the hardy, low water usage variety.

What type of sanitisation system are you looking for?

Would you like a fresh water system where you don’t have the smell of chlorine on your skin and hair? Today there are a variety of systems available that offer alternatives to standard chlorine sanitisation. Let us help you look at all of the options that are available.

Can your pool be energy efficient?

Your swimming pool can operate using variable speed energy efficient pumps. This means it can run longer on a lower speed and therefore drawing less power and saving you money. Also consider your garden and if you have strong winds, create a natural wind break with trees and plants that will help reduce evaporation.

Can you integrate the pool with your home automation system?

Yes you can. Buccaneer Pools are Perth’s exclusive Hayward pool equipment dealer for fibreglass pools and have a variety of options available for home automation. You can operate the pool equipment, pool lights and garden lights all from one central controller.

Does the colour of your pool affect the water temperature?

Yes it does. Lighter pools will reflect the sunlight and darker pools attract the sunlight and have a greater heat retention. The depth of your pool will also play a factor on the water temperature. Deeper pools will take longer to heat up.

Lighting, lighting and lighting!

Consider where you will be sitting in the pool at night in comparison to your alfresco area and internal pool lighting. Typically it is best for the pool light to be positioned on the house side of the pool and be facing away from the home. This creates a beautiful ambiance without looking straight into the light. Depending on the size of your pool you can also add more lights. This can be done with one at the shallow end and one at the deep end or both on the same wall spaced apart. Don’t forget to make a provision for garden lighting so when you are sitting back on those warm balmy nights the garden and surrounding areas also have lighting. This might be out of the budget initially but can be added in later if you make it part of the design now.

Which design to choose?

The design that is perfect for your area will have a combination of the right seating and steps for your family. Most seats can have spa jets or rumble seats added in for more enjoyment and relaxation. Long bench seats are great for being able to position the pool closer to boundaries if your space is tight. They also create a great seating area for when all your friends and family come over.

Extend your swimming season with a heat pump

Heating your pool means you’ll get more enjoyment from your investment. It will increase your swimming season and you’ll enjoy swimming in warmer water. How much heating will be required will depend upon the location, position of the pool and how much extra swimming time you would like to enjoy. Pool heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient and affordable pool heating options available. While they may cost a bit more up front, they make up for it with substantially lower operation costs. They are also highly eco-friendly and are a long-lasting pool heating option. Ask about our range of high performance Hayward heat pumps.