Courtyard Charm: The Appeal of Small Pools

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Have you ever heard of the saying ‘less is more’?

When it comes to swimming pools, this famous saying perfectly encapsulates the benefits and undeniable charm that small pools have.

To begin with, small swimming pools offer great fitness and relaxation benefits despite their reduced size. Like any other sized swimming pool, they can be a fun and relaxing space where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. It’s also the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work to help your body relax and get rid of the stress.

Although smaller pools are perfect for outdoor spaces with limited space, they can still be a great choice for those with bigger backyards. Opting for a smaller-sized pool can give homeowners ample space for other landscaping choices and backyard additions.

Smaller pools also require less maintenance due to their lower water volume. Hence, there’s less surface area to inspect and clean. However, it is important to note that you still need to test your water regularly and follow the recommended maintenance schedule as it is with other sized pools.

And finally, choosing a smaller sized pool can reduce your costs. Smaller swimming pools generally cost less not only in terms of materials and labour, but also in terms of its operation and maintenance costs. Because of its lower water volume, you’ll need less quantities of cleaning chemicals and less power to heat the pool.

These benefits have not been lost on one of our clients who decided to add our stunning 4m x 3.2 Capri pool to his outdoor space.


As a family with younger kids learning how to swim, these clients decided to incorporate a pool in their initial house design. They also wanted to create an area where the whole family can unwind and where their children can play with their friends. Considering the pool’s inclusion in their initial house design, the area was formerly a large sand bank in-front of a newly built house ready for the pool to be added.

“Since we had a small block and we still wanted to have enough space for additional decking and gardening, we ended up choosing the Capri. We wanted our outdoor area to be multi-functional, not just a pool area.”



The pool features a safety ledge perfect for younger swimmers and three additional entry steps. It also has an extended bench seat which spans the length of the pool, the perfect relaxation spot for the owners.

To complement their Fijian Mahogany waterfall edge timber decking, the clients selected the vibrant Sky Blue for their pool colour.

The colour looks good with the decking.  It’s a gorgeous colour especially under the sun.”

They also added a light-blue outdoor wooden sofa, a hammock and some potted plants to aesthetically improve the area.

Discover the power of small pools now! Head to our website and view the small pools we have in our range.

In contemporary design, small is the new big after all.

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