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Currently building your dream home and deciding if a swimming pool is a good investment?

Living an outdoor lifestyle is embedded into Australian culture. Most of us enjoy getting outdoors on the weekends, catching up with friends, having a drink and barbeque and of course going for a swim in the pool – good times start in the backyard.

Adding a swimming pool of any kind to your home is a large investment and there are certainly pros and cons of adding a swimming pool to your home. You know what they say, nothing in life is free.
Adding a swimming pool to your home is large monetary investment; depending on the type of swimming pool you choose to install depends on how much it may set you back. Swimming pools also require ongoing maintenance and costs to keep them running.

On the other hand, adding a swimming pool to your home is a great way to kick-start your health-kick! A swimming pool is also a beautiful aesthetic addition to your backyard space and can increase your home’s value. Having a swimming pool in your backyard also helps to encourage family time and can be a great activity to get the kids paying outside.

You can turn your dream home into the ultimate backyard destination by adding a fibreglass swimming pool to your new home!

One question you may come across when looking to add a swimming pool to your home is whether to install a fibreglass or concrete swimming pool. Both fibreglass and concrete swimming pools have their advantages. Both concrete and fibreglass are high quality, long-lasting materials although on average a fibreglass swimming pool will by far surpass the lifetime of a concrete pool. Installing a fibreglass swimming pool on average is around 25% cheaper than installing a concrete swimming pool. Ongoing costs are also less for a fibreglass swimming pool due to less maintenance, chemicals and energy consumption. Concrete pools also don’t heat up as quickly or retain heat as well as a fibreglass counterpart.

One main advantage of a concrete pool is the flexibility when it comes to design. If you can think it, you can probably create it with a concrete pool. If you are seeking a unique shape and design a concrete pool may be the best option for you. Fibreglass swimming pools are manufactured off-site and therefore come in set sizes and shapes. Although, with over 30 models to choose from we guarantee you will find your perfect design.

We always recommend doing extensive research before choosing which swimming pool to install in your home.

Advanced fibreglass swimming pool technology! Why wouldn’t you choose a fibreglass swimming pool?

Every Buccaneer pool now comes with the innovative Graphene Nano-Tech. Graphene is incorporated into the composite layers of each pool using an advanced construction process that is the new generation of fibreglass pool technology. Graphene is over 200 times stronger than steel and when added into our pools makes them our strongest ever. With this level of superior quality and outstanding benefits, why wouldn’t you choose a Buccaneer fibreglass swimming pool?

Will installing a fibreglass swimming pool in your backyard increase the value of your home?

A home with a swimming pool tends to cost more than one without. Research suggests that homes with a fibreglass swimming pool are priced higher than comparable homes without a fibreglass swimming pool. In 2012 Swimart conducted a survey and found that “in terms of value, swimming pools can add an average of $30,000 to a property”. Research suggests that adding a fibreglass swimming pool to your home can add anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to your property depending on the swimming pools design and size as well as the property’s location and original value.

One factor that can turn a potential buyer off is the ongoing maintenance involved with owning a swimming pool. With today’s advanced fibreglass swimming pool technology and efficient equipment, most pools are practically self-sufficient with minimal effort to maintain.

Are you building or thinking of building a new home? Bring your floor plan into a Buccaneer Pools display centre today and we’ll help fit an award-winning fibreglass swimming pool into your backyard.

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