3 Poolside trends to turn up the heat this summer

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Looking ahead to the Australian summer of 2021, one thing is for sure. Now is the time that we are all looking for ideas on how we can holiday at home and make the most of a festive season in our own backyard.

So, while you’re on the hunt for ways to keep your backyard looking fresh, here’s some of the trends in pool design that will be on show this swimming season.

Smart Pool Lighting

Lighting in pools has come a long way. Technology is so advanced that we now have the ability to customise our lighting to fit the mood of any event from the touch of our phones. Automated, colour-changing lights can add personality to your water features and wow family and friends with, synchronized coloured light shows. With this technology becoming more popular, expect to see it popping up in more Western Australian backyards this summer.

Poolside lounges

As trips to exotic resorts are not on the menu at the moment, it makes sense that pool owners are trying to replicate that very experience at home. While a pool can be incredibly functional for swimming purposes, we also like to relax by the water and that’s why pool seating and ledge lounges will be in season.

Pools are increasingly being designed to accommodate semi-submerged seating for those pool owners that want to feel the water on their toes, but not necessarily get their hair wet. This summer, expect to see plenty of WA locals tanning, reading or sipping a drink in the comfort of their own home.

Decorative Concrete

On the surface, concrete might not seem like it lends a lot to backyard design, but there’s a lot you can do. Believe it or not, there are many decorative concrete options that make your pool shine. For example, some concrete options can mimic the appearance of other surfaces like wood or even tiling! These matte finishes look stunning and are also non-slip and safe for the whole family.

Concrete is a low-maintenance option that will make your pool surrounds modern and durable. You’ll be surprised by the results you can get, so it’s time to ask what your concrete can do for you?

If you’re looking for more information on what’s hot in pool trends this summer, give your local Buccaneer Pools display centre a visit to have a chat!

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